SeloyLive SHINE is a mirror that feels alive. You can
augment the reflection with video and photo
elements and with added capacitive touch
technology, you can make the surface interactive.

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for Consumers

A magic mirror that is as a display or television


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Customised Interactive mirror
to BtoB

A custom mirror solution product that augments
existing professionals.


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Augmented interactive window

A state-of-the-art combination of a transparent
insulating glass unit and an interactive touch surface


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How does it work? Cutting edge visual technology

Virtual & Real The glass surface augments the reality when the visuals are projected to it. When not in use, it looks like a regular window. 

Durable & Big The technology is built inside the glass ensuring years of service and easy cleaning. The glass itself is architectural grade building material. With multiple glass elements, the canvas size can be virtually unlimited.

See & Touch With capacitive touch technology the glass surface can act as an intuitive user interface we’re all familiar with from smartphones.

Seeing is believing See our glass surfaces in action

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To compete with ecommerce, you must give exceptional experiences that cannot be found online. Interaction is the key to brand engagement and customer engagement is everything. 

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Seloy Live

We have been pioneers in glass manufacturing for decades. Seloy Live is the next step in evolving glass to a more flexible building element, which transforms, reacts and conceals according to your needs.

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our vision

With our cutting edge products you can deliver unique experiences to viewers. AV resellers and integrators specify Seloy Live products for many of the world’s leading brands.

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